The System Properties Editor

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The System Properties Section represents system's parameters, inputs, outputs, and subsystems as tables for convenient viewing and editing. System Properties section reflects the system that is currently being displayed in the Block Diagram Editor. The user can close any panel in the System Properties Section by clicking 'x' icon on a tab header. A panel can be reopen via "View" menu.


Panels (except for Description) of the System Properties Editor have toolbar with the following buttons:

add16- add an empty row to a table.

delete16 - remove selected row

cut16 - cut

copy16 - copy

paste16 - paste

up16 - move selected row up.

down16 - move selected row down

close16 - close panel


The Description Panel

The Description Panel allows to enter the detailed description of the system. This description can contain HTML tags. When the HTML help for the system is generated, this description is pasted into the .html file and becomes a part of the online documentation for the system.  All descriptions that you enter both on this panel and on other panel for individual objects become part of the auto-generated online documentation for your components.