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TimeLike™ is a framework for computer modeling and simulation of time-dependent systems.  TimeLike supports modeling of continuous-time, discrete event, and hybrid (continuous/discrete) systems.  TimeLike provides a user-friendly connect-the-blocks user interface for creating system models, and a simple spreadsheet like interface for setting up and executing parameter studies.  What distinguishes TimeLike from other simulation frameworks, such as SimuLink, is its extreme flexibility; TimeLike can be used to model virtually any kind of time-dependent system, at any level of fidelity, limited only by the user’s knowledge of how the actual system works.  Of course there is no magic involved; if you want to model a large, complex system unlike anything that has been previously modeled, you will probably have quite a bit of work to do, but at least you should find the framework to be a help, rather than a hindrance.


TimeLike is designed to provide a useful foundation for a wide variety of domain-specific modeling tools.  For example, one such tool, LightLike, is designed to support high fidelity modeling of certain kinds of optical systems.


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