Set Parameter Values

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Now you need to set the values of parameters of eight subsystems (five at the top level and three inside Atmospheric Path. Notice, that Splitter subsystem has no parameters - which is visualized as an empty rectangle on the subsystem's toolbar.


Note: When you set values of parameters, the "Undefined Symbols" dialog will be displayed for some of the values. Use this dialog to add parameters to the containing System (click "Add As Parameter" button for each undefined symbol).


Double-click AtmosphericPath and set parameter values. Notice that AtmosphericPath has no parameters yet.


Some of the parameter values are shown partially:


otargetGrid grid_with_origin_on_mesh(propnxy,propnxy,propdxy,propdxy)


otargetGrid grid_with_origin_on_mesh(propnxy,propnxy,propdxy,propdxy)


oregionPlatform computeRectangularRegion(propdxy, propnxy, vxt, vyt, maximumRunTime)

oregionTarget computeRectangularRegion(propdxy, propnxy, vxp, vyp, maximumRunTime)


Double-click white-space to navigate up the hierarchy. Notice AtmosphericPath has parameters now.



Some of the parameter values are shown partially:


double propdxy adjust_propdxy(range1, min(beaconWavelength, helWavelength), telescopeDiameter+platformBlur, sourceBlur, propdxy)

int propnxy adjust_propnxy(range1, min(beaconWavelength, helWavelength), telescopeDiameter+platformBlur, sourceBlur, propdxy, propnxy)