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LightLike™ is a software tool for high fidelity modeling of certain kinds of optical systems.  LightLike makes use of a modeling approach called wave optics simulation, in which coherent optical wavefronts are modeled using two-dimensional complex meshes, where the complex amplitude and phase represent the amplitude and phase of the propagating optical field.  LightLike can be used to model High Energy Laser (HEL) systems, laser communication systems, LIDAR, and coherent and incoherent imaging systems.


LightLike is a domain-specific modeling tool based upon a domain-independent modeling and simulation framework called TimeLike.  LightLike consists of an extensive library of TimeLike components, each designed to model a corresponding component or subsystem that might be used in an optical system, plus a number of auxiliary tools, used to support specific tasks pertinent to this modeling domain, such as setting up the geometry of an adaptive optics system, or describing the distribution of turbulence along an optical propagation path.


LightLike™ is a trademark of TimeLike Systems LLC.


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