How TimeLike Manages Simulation Results

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When TimeLike Simulation executes, the entire setup, including any input files used by a simulation are copied into directory "results/RunsetName/execution_#".


For example, let's say we have our simulation files in "c:\timelike_applications\OneDMotion".



This directory contains one model: OneDMotion,  two runsets for this model: OneDMotionRuntest and OneDMotionRuntest1, and three subdirectories: icons, inputs and results.



Contains icons used in the model



Contains data files used by a simulation.



Contains a separate directory for each runset. A directory for a runset contains separate subdirectory for each execution of the runset.  Each run in the runset generates a separate HDF5 file that contains the results.

When simulation is executed, a new execution_... subdirectory is created and the files containing model, runset and the entire contents of inputs directory is copied into execution_...  subdirectory and simulation is executed there.  This approach allows to keep a complete history of all executions of a runset.