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slope2mod implements the modal wavefront reconstructor procedure that uses Gavrielides polynomials.

From the Matlab command line, the calling syntax for slope2mod is:

>> v = slope2mod(orders, xsub, ysub, rad);


orders = vector of indices [r1,r2,...,rN ], that specifies the radial order of the Zernike modes to be included in the reconstruction.  For any included radial order, all azimuthal (angular) orders are included.

The values r1,r2,...,rN need not be consecutive: any radial order(s) may be omitted.  Radial order 1, referring to tilt, is the lowest allowed order.

xsub   =  vector (dim nsub x 1) containing the x-coordinates of the centers of the WFS subapertures.  The subaperture numbering convention has been described previously.

ysub   =  vector (dim nsub x 1) containing the y-coordinates of the centers of the WFS subapertures.

rad   = radius (in m) of the circle that defines the normalizing radius for the Zernike circle functions.  This should match the radius over which the reconstruction is desired.

v   = the matrix V that maps measured slopes sdata to Zernike coefficients amod, as described previously.

       That is, V has the defining property that amod, rec = V sdata .