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In this section, we review the mathematical operations performed by LightLike's AO configuration tools.  These tools consist principally of Matlab m-files, and are meant to be used from the Matlab command window.  A small number of the tools can also be executed from the operating system console window.  In general, the AO tools facilitate the specification of a certain class of AO geometries, and provide various options for wavefront reconstruction and the generation of DM actuator commands.  The tools routines are structured in such a way that the user may replace individual elements by user-supplied routines.  

The present section of the AO Guide has two goals:

(1)  We provide sufficient conceptual background material to clearly specify just what quantities one can set up and compute using the AO configuration toolset.  

(2)  We identify the principal Matlab routines that are provided to compute the AO setup quantities. The principal routines work together in groups as indicated in the cells of Table 1.

Later sections of the AO Guide, entitled "Matlab function details:  XXX", describe in further detail the GUI windows and the exact syntax of all the Matlab routines.